Friday, May 10

Where to Buy Forges to Get the Best Deal

After the anvil, the blacksmith's forge is often the most expensive piece of essential equipment.

Forges can range in price from next to nothing to well over one thousand dollars.

I've owned three different forges since 2011 that have ranged in price from $225 for a used NC Tool Company Double Burner to $725 for a used Forgemaster Blacksmith Double Burner Forge.

The only forge I've purchased brand new is a Majestic Knifemaker Economy Forge for $325. It's the one I've been using most often these past couple of months.

In this video from the DIY Blacksmithing YouTube Channel, I talk about where I point my students when they're ready to buy forges. Enjoy!

In the video, I mention a few different retailers. Here's a longer list for your reference:

What Forges Do I Use at Brown County Forge?

For blacksmithing classes, I use the Majestic Knifemaker Economy Forge.

For production work, I use the Majestic and my older Forgemaster Double Burner. 

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