Thursday, March 23

Making It Easier to Search the Blacksmith School Directory

It's been a few years since the Blacksmith School Map was created. After looking back at U.S. Blacksmith Schools a few days ago, I realized it was time to reorganize the directory so it's easier to use.

Each page of the Blacksmith School Directory started out as alphabetical listings of the names of the blacksmith shops in each state. Thinking back on it, this isn't as helpful as listing the shops by city. Listing them by city makes it easier to find them when you go searching for 'blacksmith classes near Atlanta."

In a few days you won't have to scroll through the listings to find the class that's closest to you. You will be able to quickly see the city names in bold above the shops located there.

It will look like this for each state:

This is just a short update. I hope you enjoy the changes as they progress. Thank you for continuing to use the Blacksmith School Directory. Send me a message or leave a comment any time. I respond to them all.



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