Tuesday, February 7

2017 Anvil and Forge Buying Guide

Have you ever wondered...

  • How much a brand new anvil costs?
  • Where to buy one?
  • Where to get Free shipping?
How about...

  • The best forge for your budget?
  • Which is easier to use: Coal or Gas?
  • Should you buy or make your own?

These kinds of questions come up over and over in the blacksmithing community. And it can take some time to find the answers.

You can search for hours on the internet trying to find the best price on an anvil only to find that it will cost you double to have it shipped to you. 

So, in order to take the headaches out of the search, I sat down and put together a guide to finding a good anvil and a good forge at a great price (often with Free shipping). 

It's set up to save you a ton of time and hundreds of dollars. You can also see a free preview on Amazon by clicking the cover above or the link. That way you know what you're getting. 


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