Thursday, April 14

Where to Buy Blacksmith Coal Online

For the blacksmith using coal, it's important to have a ready supply of inexpensive fuel. Periodically, we gather current prices for coal from around the U.S. and compare them to help you find the best deal.

We take care to factor in shipping costs and quality. Here are the top 4 coal suppliers and where to order from them. Current prices are in bold.  

Centaur Forge 

Coal or Coke $49.49 (includes shipping within continental U.S.)

Penn Keystone 

$15 + shipping (get estimate by emailing

Pieh Tool Co. 

Coal: $36 + $58.61 = $94.61
Coke: $34.60 + $58.61 shipping = $93.21

Blacksmith’s Depot 

Pea-sized coal $25 + $53.04 shipping = $78.04 Priority
$25 + $36.87 shipping = $61.87 UPS Ground

Of the four suppliers listed above, Penn Keystone seems to be the value-buy, but without knowing their shipping costs it’s hard to tell. 

We’re more inclined to buy from companies we know that specifically service blacksmiths. Each of the remaining three companies have been taking care of blacksmiths for a very long time. 

Shipping rates may vary based on your location.

*If you have a question about International Coal Prices, send us a message at and we’ll help you find the information you need.


  1. Terran, I can help here a little. Penn Keystone does have a great price, however it's the shipping that puts it over the top and is actually more expensive then coal bought from Centaur Forge. At least for me, those who live on the east coast and can take a pick up and get a bulk load its a great deal if you can store it, I don't believe they bag it for the $15, but they might you'd have to call. I'm on the west coast so shipping put a ton a lot higher then getting it local from a farrier supply place. Shipping for a ton, if I remember right its been a while, was $900 to $1000. So a ton was about $600 to $700, great price, on top of $1000 for shipping a ton was going to cost me around $1600 to $1700. I can get a ton of coal from my local farrier shop for $1222.14, just picked some up from The Horseshoe Barn in Sacramento California. I get a discount because of buying in bulk, there per bag price is a little more then Centaur Forge but pretty close. Centaur Forge has a really good price on their coal if you can pick it up in store it's only $29.99. But their coal price with shipping mentioned about is still the best price I've found online. All in all the best online price is from Centaur Forge and they have a great support staff. First I would recommend finding a supplier locally, most farrier supply shops usually carry coal for around $30 to $35 and depending on how much you need can probably make you the best deal.

    1. This is great information, Aaron. Thanks for taking a minute to lay it out. I always wondered what the real numbers were for buying coal in bulk. Having the dollars-and-cents comparison between shipping it and picking it up yourself is valuable in itself.

      Centaur Forge looks to be the clear winner for small quantities. Especially if you live near one of their two locations: Burlington, WI or Austin, TX.

      Thanks for the insight!