Thursday, January 21

Same Anvil, $334 Less

Hello blacksmiths!

Just a short post today and it's about one of our favorite topics: Anvils.

We're always on the lookout for good deals on anvils. Sometimes we see great deals on very old anvils on Craigslist, but two factors come into play.

  1. They're rare.
  2. There's only one of them and it's in North Dakota. (Or Maine or Florida. You get the idea.)
So, you start looking around at the big sites like Amazon, Pieh Tool Company, Northern Tool, and Harbor Freight.

Well, I took a look today and found the same Texas Farrier Supply 100-pound Single Horn Anvil offered at at least three different places with one huge difference:

The price at one of the places was around 40% less than any of the others. I got the recommendation from the Reviews section of the same anvil on Amazon. 

The helpful reviewer mentioned Nature Farms Farrier Supply in Oklahoma offering the anvil for $465 rather than $799

That's pretty huge. 

You still have to pay shipping, but you would save yourself a LOT of money. 

Why the big difference in price?

Our best guess is how close the farrier supply is to the manufacturing facility where TFS anvils are made. 

If you're ready to make the leap to a real anvil, this is something worth looking into. 

Have a good one


  1. Out of curiosity, what do those shipping costs look like?

    1. According to Nature Farms Farrier Supply in Norman, OK their in-stock anvils ship Free.