Monday, March 28

Starting with a Purpose

Howdy, folks. My name is Terran if you don't know me already. I'm a brand new blacksmith trying to preserve a dying art in my own low-cost, highly mobile way.

I recently spent nine weeks at the John C. Campbell Folk School volunteering my time as a work/study for six weeks in exchange for three free week-long blacksmithing courses. My intention was not to learn a hobby, but to study and work toward mastering the skills of a vocation, a calling. Under the instruction of a few of the many fine blacksmiths who teach at the Folk School, I gained the skills and confidence necessary to strike out on my own. At the end of the nine weeks, I walked away with a new skill set, a few pairs of handmade tongs, a piece of railroad track for an anvil and an NC Tool gas-fired forge.

My intention for this blog is to take you all with me on my journey from novice to a mobile, self-sustained, frugal one-person blacksmithing operation.

So, if you're interested, let's take a trip. Tomorrow we're setting a stump for my railroad track anvil.

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